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(Any) және (Some) сөздерін пайдаланып тоңазытқышта не бар не жоқ дегенге ағылшынша сөйлем құрап беріңіздерші

Any дегенге 5 сөйлем

Some дегенге 5 сөйлем

12 жауап

the fridge say some commons products
1)  Can I have some juice?

2) I know some famous Russian writers.

3) We bought some coffee in the shop.

4) I’m ready to take some money from my safe.

5) Can you give me some milk, please?

6) Have you any sugar?

7) Did you meet any difficulties?

8) He hasn't any money.

9) Please take any book you like.

10) Have you got any interesting English magazines to read?
Рахмет міне осындай адамдар неге өмірде азақ ?
these дегенге сөйлемдер
I liked this photo very much
Who's work you think that beatiful flower
Those who standing there already finished their tasks
These beautiful clothes I wish to be my own
Could сөзіне 10-сойлем,couldn't сөзіне 10 сөйлем керек болып тұр. Өтінемін құрап бериниздерші.
I still can't believe that I couldn't do this. All the same you couldn't win. i couldn't wait his coming. How he couldn't explain to his teacher that all these were misunderstanding i don't understand. I couldn't find out what caused her to behave herself so. of course you couldn't have win because you didn't trust to your own force. Couse i didn't believe you all these happened, i ask your pardon. If i were a little patient i could have get over this misfortune too. I could live through all this, thanks to you. It's done better than he could. Are you really could do this. She could listen to his talks by hours because she was a cool girl and best of all the any advisers. misfortunes you could meet with is so great.
because 3

so 3

дегендерге үш-үштен сөйлем құрап беріңіздерші!!!!!
Yet,cum bag дегенге сөйлем құрап беріңіздерші
Am,is,are,were,was,nust,can,may,would,will сөздерін катыстырып сөйлем курап берыныздершы
l was able to, l'll be able to деген создерге сойлем курап бериниздерш
get  сөзіне алты мысал құрып беріңіздерші
breathtaking, breeding programme , bright, conqueror,dive,falconer
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