Қазақ тілі | 18.3k қаралды
Ther is. There are деген сөздерге күрделі ағылшынша сөйлем құрау?

3 жауап

There are two women sitting at the table.
There is a pot of tea on the table.
There are 3 people cooking in the kitchen.
There is a sofa in the living room.
There are two boys playing football.
There is  one sofa.
There are a lot books.
There is a DVD player.
There are any people in the living room.
There isn't a play station.
There aren't a lot of big parks
Is there a balcony?
Is there a girl in the garden?
Are  there any children in the house?
Are there any armchairs in the living room?
Жақсы Жауап
There is a knife on the table.
There are five balls in the box.
1.There is a desk and four chairs in the room. (Бөлмеде жазу үстелі және төрт орындық бар)

2.There are some articles to be checked. (Тексерілуі тиісті бірнеше статиалар бар)
125,227 сұрақ
316,313 жауап
153,263 пікір
70,750 қолданушы