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1.Complete the sentences with participles as adjectives, using the verbs in the box. The verbs with adverbs should be used to from compound adjectives.

Мыналар жақшадағы сөздер:                                                                                                                      dry, change, keep beautifully, break , decline fast, tailor beautifully, bring up well, continue, think clearly, embarass, plan badly, boil

1. The ... kettle filled the kitchen with steam.

2.She`s a very... child: she always behaves herself well.

3. I think he may have died of a ... heart.

4. The increase in divorse reflect a ... attitude to marriage and relationships.

5. She`s a very good person to have in meetings as she`s very...

6. Shortage of money is a ... problem for them: it rpobably always will be.

7.It was ... escape and so it inevitably failed.

8. Badgers are a ... species in this country as more of them are killed every year.

9. That`s a ... suit he`s wearing.

10 I need some ... fruit to put in the cake.

11.This is a ... garden: someone must sedn a lot of time working on it.

12. The police may charge you with receiving ... goods.

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етістік емес жоғарыда тұрған сын есімдерді қоясыз
сол сөздерді көрген жоқпын.енді көрдім

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1) boiling

2) brought up



5)tailor beautifully


7)plan badly

8)decline fast


10)ештене болмайтын сияқты

11)keep beautifully


Біраз қиын екен.Шамам келгенше жасадым...
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4 те баға
5 алғанға не жетсін.. 2 қате бар анда.
Сіз менің жасағанымды біліп тұрсаңыз, өзіңіз неге жасап бермедіңіз?мен білемін қате бар екенін.
Сіздің жауабыңызда жарайды. 4-те жақсы баға.