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Al-Farabi Kazakh National University celebrated the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan's accession to the United Nations. March 2, 1992 at the 46th session of the UN General Assembly, Kazakhstan was unanimously admitted to the largest family of nations of the world.

On behalf Resident Coordinator of the United Nations in the country Norimasa Shimomura sounded congratulations on the anniversary, where it was stressed that Kazakhstan actively participated in all the major international initiatives and compliance with government policy objectives of sustainable development.

The first pro-rector of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University professor MuhambetkaliBurkitbayev drew the attention of students, teachers, honored guests at the UN's role - this is the most authoritative universal international organization.University heads the UN Global Hub "Academic Impact" and the UNESCO Regional Hub for Sustainable Development in Central Asia; there are two UNESCO Chairs - in Journalism and sustainable development. The national university is one of the most active and effective platforms for the implementation of many initiatives and large-scale projects of the international level to address global problems.

The most honorable guest of the university's celebration became the ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, the first permanent representative of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the UN, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor AkmaralArystanbekova. She came into the country's history as the person who on behalf of President NursultanNazarbayev to fulfill the mission of the country's accession to the UN. Thus it took place worldwide recognition of our republic.

AkmaralHaydarovna not only recounted, but also via video chronicles of those years has shown how, starting from December 16, 1991 - Independence Day, every day is actively worked on the country's accession to the ranks of the largest global associations.Recalling that period, the first permanent representative of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the United Nations is still grateful to all colleagues for their support to the young independent state, in particular - then entered the office of Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali.Many of today's students, who were born after the accession of Kazakhstan to the United Nations, failed to touch the historical events, watching the first performance of AkmaralArystanbekova on the podium of the General Assembly of the UN, rising of the flag at the UN headquarters in New York - a red flag of Kazakh SSR. In 1992 Kazakhstan became 168th member of the organization. By the way, HaydarovnaAkmaral–is a graduate of the Faculty of Chemistry at KazNU which is ever proud. To this date she has written a remarkable book "Pages of History", which gave the details of the way our country to the UN.

Kazakhstan Today - an active member of the world community. In his speech, Ambassador at Large MFA of RK MainuraMurzamadiyeva said that President of Kazakhstan NursultanNazarbayev has spoken at the United Nations, including on the anniversary of the 50thand 70th sessions of the General Assembly.Many initiatives put forward by Kazakhstan, supported and implemented. We have become a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council for 2017-2018 year, and in January next year will be there to preside. Our country was visited in different years, the UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Ban Ki-moon, Antonio Guterres, and the current Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan KairatAbdrakhmanov has long served as the Permanent Representative of Kazakhstan to the United Nations. A new stage – is cooperation in the framework of the exhibition EXPO-2017, which is planned to establish the United Nations Centre for green technologies.

Due to the quarter-date sounded many congratulations from foreign missions: from Alexey Demin, general Russian consul, Mark Moody, US Consul General, AliyasbekAlymkulova, General Consul of the Kyrgyz Republic, Zhang Wei, the Consul General of the PRC, AkramAkobirova, Consul General of the Republic of Tajikistan, NizamiRustamov, head of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The head of the UN Department of Public Information VlastimilSamek assured that the activities of all the structures and institutions of the international organization aimed at strengthening the partnership, strengthening of security and peace in the world.

University students congratulated all guests on this remarkable event in the six official UN languages and the official language. Guests with an interest visited a photo exhibition in honor of the 70th anniversary of the UN.

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